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The Flora Spa

Welcome to the Flora Spa which is a sanctuary spa, The Flora Spa relaxation area overlooks the scenic beauty of the Andaman Sea and sparkling clear swimming pool.

Discover the secret of achieving and physical relaxation with the flora spa which have been designed with 2 twin treatment rooms, 2 single treatment rooms, Steam and Sauna.

Treatment based on nature botanical herbs and aromatherapy and including state of meditative relaxation by way ofappropriate ambience and environment which are a combination of various techniques and signature methods.

Aroma Sanctuary Massage

Aroma Sanctuary Massage

Stimulate your senses and let your stress flow away with massage oil. This massage is wonderful to help to rebalance yourenergy, mind and soul. Gentle and relaxing massage full body. Using the palms, thumbs, knuckles and hand heels relieves sore muscles.

55 minutes/1,800 THB
80 minutes/2,200 THB


Rebalancing Massage

This invigorating massage with classic Swedish sty massage, technique which focuses relax aching muscles, using a variety of movements touching, kneading. This a gentle firming massages to stimulate the circulation, relieve muscle tension

55 minutes/1,800 THB
80 minutes/2,200 THB

Oriental Treat

Therapeutic Oriental Treat

This Massage with full techniques of aromatherapy massage combined with acupressure point. This will reduce stress and relieve aching muscle. This treatment is completed with Thai herbal poultice is used to alleviate inflammation, soothe sore and reduce tension by the heat.

80 minutes/2,400 THB

The Flora Hot
Stone Massage

The Flora Hot Stone Massage

Massage with hot stones combine the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermo-therapy using stones with the strokes of massage to produce a deep, comforting and healing treatment. The heat of the stones warms the skin, which allows for the absorption of moisturizing and therapeutic oils, while at the same time preparing and relaxing the musculature of the body so the therapist can work into the deeper muscle layers.

80 minutes/2,500 THB